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Analyze how religious beliefs and practices work in a global context with the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in University Studies — Religious Thought, Practices and Cultures concentration.

You will develop the mental flexibility to see the world from multiple points of view. You will also learn to recognize how religion shapes social organizations, political actions, and individual behavior. The study of religion requires critical distance, analytical skills, and mental flexibility.

A University Studies concentration is the ideal curricular model to focus on the complexities of religious thought and practice in the modern. You will support that focus with two minors that enhance your knowledge base and lead toward careers aligned with your interests.

No student enrolled in the University Studies concentration in Religious Thought, Practices and Cultures may pursue a double major or a double degree.

B.A. in University Studies — Religious Thought, Practices and Cultures Concentration Curriculum

About the University Studies Program

The University Studies Degree format provides the flexibility to combine areas of study that are of special interest. This interdisciplinary format allows you to customize your higher education experience to meet your future career goals.

All University Studies degrees require the completion of two university-approved minors.

The concentration in Religious Thought, Culture, and Practices sits at the intersection of multiple disciplines. Any minor is thus likely to contribute to a concentration in religion. For example:

  • A minor in biology offers a research path into the neuroscience of religious experience
  • A minor in psychology contributes a secular view of how religious belief affects people’s behavior
  • A minor in anthropology shows the ways religion shapes cultural identity
  • A minor in history applies methods for analyzing how religious traditions evolve and change
  • A minor in mathematics could allow students to model changes in the global distribution of religious traditions
  • A minor in political science provides methods for analyzing the interplay between religion and politics

University-Approved Minors