The Biomedical Sciences programs in College Station and McAllen Higher Education Center are designed to provide a strong, four-year education that emphasizes applied biology as directed toward health and disease and provides versatility of the graduate in the biological and medical sciences.

Our advisors are committed to providing students with quality, timely advising. Students will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be seen based on Navigate check-in and Zoom admittance. Please be aware that wait times may increase during peak advising.

BIMS has moved to the College of Arts & Sciences, which has raised some questions about degree plans and advising. This page is a living document to which new questions can be submitted.

Our mission is to educate students who will create a healthier future for humans and animals through the medical professions, biomedical innovation and discovery, global service and outreach.


The sections reserved for BIMS Majors registering for Spring 2023 classes are listed below. When registering for BIOL 319 and BIOL 401, please choose a section from those listed below.

BIOL 319: Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology I

  • 501 - 503
  • 518 - 520
  • 521 - 524

BIOL 401: Critical Writing in Biology

  • 990 - 993

Past Announcements

The EAB Navigate Appointment Scheduler is now available for BIMS and USVM students only. Students can schedule an advising appointment using the Navigate app, which can also be found in the Howdy portal under the My Records tab.


The Biomedical Sciences Program both emphasizes versatility in the biological and medical sciences, and prioritizes a One Health approach to education through courses that emphasize the interconnectedness of animal, human, and environmental health; while bringing together students with interest in medical careers that impact all three.