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The Department of Chemistry offers a program of study leading to a doctoral degree in chemistry. The degree curriculum in chemistry is designed to

  • Provide students with an understanding of chemical principles
  • Train students to become independent chemical researchers
  • Teach students how to effectively communicate the results of chemical research
  • Prepare students to become professional chemists.
Upon completion of the doctoral program in chemistry students are qualified for a wide range of highly specialized careers, such as staff scientists in industrial and government labs, and as postdoctoral researchers or faculty members at academic institutions.

The degree program is designed to ensure that students receive extensive research experience. Opportunities for research are available to graduate students in all areas of modern chemistry including analytical, atmospheric, biological, catalysis, computational, energy, environmental, inorganic, materials, nuclear, organic, organometallic, physical and polymer chemistry, etc. Students are trained in state-of-the-art instrumentation facilities, laboratories, and shops. In addition to research, graduate students in the Department of Chemistry are required to enroll in chemistry coursework, serve as teaching assistants for at least two semesters, and present and attend seminars.