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Certificates combine coursework and experiences to provide focus in a particular area.  The Department of Communication and Journalism offers certificates to COMM, TCMS, JOUR and USLA-JRN majors as well as to interested students in other majors.  Certificates appear on the certificate holder’s transcript.

Certificate in Communication Diversity & Social Justice  Apply for this certificate

The Certificate in Communication, Diversity, and Social Justice (CDSJ) gives students and in-depth understanding of how communication intersects with issues of diversity and prepares students for a lifetime of successful communication practices in our diverse world. The certificate is grounded in a larger concern with social justice issues, with coursework emphasizing issues of power, privilege, and difference.


Certificate in Global Media –  Apply for this certificate

The Certificate in Communication and Global Media (CGMC) is open to all majors and provides students with an understanding of a communication perspective on the impact of media in a global context. Media and communication sectors are the second largest export markets for the US, after defense and aerospace. The rise of the BRICI (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia) economies and the desire of businesses to capitalize on the growth of these markets as they double in size is a prime example of the application of this certificate. The CGMC prepares students for understanding the growth and impact of communication and global media in a variety of similar contexts.


Certificate in Communication Leadership & Conflict Management –  Apply for this certificate

The Certificate in Communication Leadership and Conflict Management (CLCM) is open to all majors and develops communication leadership competence in interpersonal/group collaborative spheres and social/political arenas, to facilitate communication one on one in interpersonal interactions, across private and public boundaries and to mediate conflict in such diverse groups as families, work teams, political and religious groups and those engaged in geopolitical discord. The CLCM certificate prepares students for understanding the growth and impact of communication leadership and of conflict management, especially within the context of communication, and will serve undergraduate students well as they pursue diverse career options.


Certificate in Health Communication–  Apply for this certificate

The Certificate in Health Communication (CHC) is open to all majors and offers students skills that are increasingly valuable in careers related to health and medicine, as well as the media, public relations, and strategic communication. Health communication skills are applicable for a variety of health and medical career tasks including provider-patient consultations; the formative research, design, implementation, and assessment of public health communication campaigns; the development of strategic communication initiatives for health organizations and related products and services; as well as leadership in public and private sector health agendas. Health messaging reaches diverse audiences and includes the use of advocacy to influence policy, as well as mediating and shaping public conversations on health issues in interpersonal and mediated contexts.


Certificate in Social Media  Apply for this certificate

The Certificate in Social Media is open to only COMM, TCMS, and Journalism majors. It helps prepare students for a career in social media management.

Social media was once the plaything of teenagers, a means of entertainment, and employed solely for leisure activities. As commercial, non-profit, political, religious, and social entities began to use social for profit and influence, these same digital natives were employed to manage it. Social media, however, is now ubiquitous. People from all walks of life use social media. These commercial and social entities need well-qualified social media users to take on the massive field of social media production, curation, management, response, and analytics. The Department of Communication Certificate in Social Media aims to prepare Communication majors, Telecommunication Media Studies majors, and University Studies-Journalism Studies majors to take up these roles in the social media-literate workforce.


Certificate in Strategic Communication (STRC) – Apply for this certificate

The Certificate in Strategic Communication (CSC) is open only to COMM and TCMS majors and teaches students the methods by which they can craft effective messages and implement tactics available for achieving individual and group goals within an expanding and competitive corporate, political, and social environment. Mastery of the integration of these tactics in strategic plans augment the effectiveness of internal and public issues management while mitigating corporate frustration, offensive messages, and overspending. The Certificate in Strategic Communication will prepare Communication and Telecommunication Media Studies majors to plan and execute communication strategically and to coordinate the integration of appropriate tactics to enhance commerce, government, and to further political, religious and social goals.