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The study of economics provides a rigorous structure for decision-making, whether on academic topics or day-to-day activities such as how to divide roommate expenses or how to allocate time between study and recreation. Economics teaches students how to think rationally about problems, a skill that is essential in any profession.  A minor in economics provides knowledge and information that will make a student a better-informed consumer and participant in the world economy. It also provides a basis for a better understanding of world events.

Economics Minor Requirements


If a student is under 90 hours and wants to earn a minor in Economics, they do NOT need to visit with an ECON advisor. The student’s primary advisor is welcome to add the ECON Minor onto their record via the SZAREGS screen on Compass.

**If a student is above 90 hours and wants to earn/declare a minor in Economics, they will need to petition to the College of Arts and Science  Dean’s Office. Their Review Board is scheduled to meet once a week to review petitions for special consideration (unless our Dean is unavailable).  Please see the petition form (linked below) for more information about this process:

Student Petition for Special Consideration

  1. Complete the petition form (linked above).
  2. Write a 1-2 page personal statement explain why you’re asking for the late minor add and explain why it was not declared before now.
  3. Include any documentation that supports your request, if you think you have anything relevant to the request.

Please email your completed petition form and personal statement to this e-mail.