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Contemporary English studies – like the English language itself – has a global reach. Our curriculum is shaped by the flow of English-speaking people and cultural production in English across both time and space, combining historical, linguistic and cultural analysis with creative work in literature, film and emerging media. The varied interests of our faculty and students include creative writing, rhetoric and discourse studies, gender and women’s studies, film studies, digital humanities, health humanities, science fiction and the full range of literatures and varieties of English, including African American, the African diaspora, Latinx, Asian American, Native American and South Asian studies.

Through these wide and rich areas of inquiry, we impart key skills – thinking critically, analyzing complex texts and contexts, communicating persuasively and appreciating the aesthetic and cultural value of literary and multimedia texts – that prepare our students for success in the workplace and in life.

The English major and minors offer flexibility by enabling students to pursue their own interests while acquiring important analytic and writing skills and discovering the riches of literature. The education English students receive prepares them for careers in technical writing, editing and publishing, government services, public relations, teaching and many other professions.

We encourage English students to pursue research opportunities, to perform and publish their creative work and to seek internships to build on what they are learning and to prepare for their future careers. We make a positive impact at home and abroad through our internationally recognized faculty and through the success of our students in academia, industry and the professions.