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The International Studies (INTS) Honors Program is designed to provide advanced coursework, individual mentoring, and expanded opportunities for academic research experience and superior scholarly achievement for academically distinguished INTS majors. 


Students must complete 18 hours of Honors coursework to graduate with an Honors designation. While still a student, students must (1) maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPR, (2) maintain a 3.25 GPR in Honors course work, (3) make progress toward Honors curriculum requirements by taking at least 12 Honors credits by the time they depart for their international experience, (4) participate in the annual INTS Honors meetings, and (5) meet with their faculty mentor at least once per semester.

Students are able to participate in all Honors programs, including Departmental, LAUNCH, and Cornerstone. Each has unique requirements and students must complete all requirements for each program they participate in.


Prospective Freshman and Transfer students can submit an Honors application by email after their admission to Texas A&M. These should be submitted by the first week of May.

Continuing students must meet with the INTS Honors advisor to determine eligibility and whether they will be able to complete Honors requirements. If spots are available and they meet eligibility requirements, continuing students may submit an application for review. Applications for continuing students are reviewed January 15th, Math 15th, and September 1st.

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Honors Credit

Courses with an Honors attribute will count toward Honors credits. Students may also Contract a non-Honors course for Honors credit. Students should work with faculty to develop an Honors contract and submit it to the LAUNCH portal by the 20th class day.


Daniella Stratta

  • Academic Advisor IV
Daniella Stratta