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College of Arts & Sciences
The new department of Global Languages and Cultures (GLAC) brings together faculty with research and teaching expertise in linguistic, cultural, literary, language, and media studies. We are the place for languages at Texas A&M: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, ancient Greek, Italian, Latin, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. We have dynamic faculty and curricula in the areas of Hispanic Studies, Modern Languages, Classics, Religious Studies, Africana Studies, and Global Studies. The department is dedicated to fostering cultural understanding and global engagement through the discovery, dissemination, and translation of knowledge, and is at the forefront of university efforts to prepare students for a globally interconnected future and to educate global citizens and future leaders. We are recognized for our excellent teaching and personalized attention to student needs.

The department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Classics, Modern Languages (French, German, or Russian), and Spanish. The development of linguistic and cultural proficiency is at the core of all of these programs. Students from throughout the university can minor in the various language areas: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. We also offer minors in Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Hispanic Studies for Community Engagement, Classical Studies, Religious Studies, and Comparative Cultural Studies. Our programs give students a combination of measurable language proficiency and a global perspective that will serve both their professional and personal ambitions.