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The Department of Mathematics offers curricula which lead to the following undergraduate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematical Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. A combined baccalaureate/graduate degree program is also offered.

The curriculum for the BS in Applied Mathematical Sciences includes courses in economics, industrial engineering, statistics, computer science and mathematics. A student completing this program is prepared to enter employment with analytical and quantitative tools relevant to modern technological industries and/or modern financial markets. On the other hand, with the appropriate electives chosen, the student is prepared to enter quantitatively oriented graduate programs. Advising for this degree option is done through the Undergraduate Program Office in the Department of Mathematics.

With carefully chosen electives in education, any one of the above three degree plans can lead to teacher certification. Students interested in teacher certification may find the BA degree plan the most suitable since this degree plan offers the greatest flexibility for the inclusion of teacher certification courses.