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College of Arts & Sciences

Awards of Excellence for Undergraduate Students

Depending on available funds, undergraduate scholarships are awarded to top performing Sociology majors of junior standing or higher. Awards include the following:

  • Excellence in Academic Performance
  • Internship Excellence
  • Research Excellence

Research Credits

Juniors and Seniors are eligible to set up a SOCI 491 Research course with sociology faculty members in order to obtain sociology course credit for participating in a research project.  In order to find a research project, students should meet with faculty members with similar research interests.  Upon finding a faculty member and research project, students must complete the Application for SOCI 491 Research before registration ends in order to be eligible to receive course credit.

Directed Studies

Students have the opportunity to learn special problems not covered by other courses. Students must complete the Application for SOCI 485 Directed Studies. Course depends upon needs and interest of the student and upon the number of credit hours.

Sociology Undergraduate Research Assistant Program

The Sociology Undergraduate Research Assistant Program provides students with the opportunity to assist Texas A&M sociology faculty with their research. Students accepted into the program will receive financial remuneration for working about 10 hours per week not to exceed a total of 100 hours in a semester. The student assistants must commit to work both the fall and spring of the academic year.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a Sociology Major
  • Have a current TAMU cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have received a grade of A or B in a research methods course

Applications and deadlines will be sent to sociology majors’ Texas A&M email addresses by mid-August.

Publication Opportunities for Undergraduates

Explorations: The Texas A&M Undergraduate Journal allows undergraduates to publish academic articles in an area that interests them. Explorations is a journal published by the Department of undergraduate Research. More information about the journal, instructions for submitting proposals or how to become involved as a student .

Sociological Insight is a national undergraduate research journal which gears students to doing research in a social science area. More information on deadlines and dates.

If you are interested in publishing your sociological findings, please visit with a Sociology Professor or Undergraduate Advisor.