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The Department of Sociology advises each sociology student to participate in international educational experiences, whether they are short visits, internships, service learning abroad, or participating in full semester study abroad experiences. As the world continues to experience globalization, global leadership becomes increasingly important. By participating in study abroad, students can develop marketable skills including the following:

  • International and intercultural communication skills
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Enhancing diverse perspectives
  • Adaptability and flexibility

Study Abroad has lists of hundreds of programs available to students on the Education Abroad website. The Department of Sociology has established a number of global partnerships to insure that the curriculum is compatible with the degree requirements of our students. Some of these partnerships are listed in the following featured programs.

Faculty Led Programs

These programs highlight a particular region or area of study and draw upon the unique skills and insights of a Sociology faculty member. Texas A&M Faculty oversee every aspect of these programs.

Reciprocal Exchange Programs (REEP)

Texas A&M maintains a diverse global network of institutions who “Exchange” students each semester. Texas A&M students pay only their Texas A&M tuition and fees, enroll directly in the foreign institution, and do not pay any tuition or fees to the host university (with the exception of local housing/boarding costs.) The costs of these programs are among the lowest of study abroad options. In many cases courses are taught in English, but in others, foreign language proficiency is required. Some REEP opportunities include:

  • Kwansei Gakuin University (Japan)
  • Universitat Applied Sciences (HTW) Saarbrucken (Germany)
  • University of Nottingham (UK)
  • University of Adelaide (Australia)

Study Abroad Contact Information

If you are interested in studying abroad, please contact the Study Abroad Office at (979) 845-0544 or visit their Education Abroad website.