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The Master of Science in Microbiology consists of advanced coursework directed towards mycology and bacteriology principles that relate to ecological, medical and industrial contexts.

M.S. in Microbiology Program Requirements

Thesis Option

The thesis option will introduce you to laboratory-conducted research. You will gain practical exposure to experimental techniques that address questions involving free-living and pathogenic microbial systems. These methodologies include statistical, biochemical, genetic/genomic, molecular and microscopy techniques used for obtaining and organizing data from diverse microbial organisms.

You will also develop writing and oral skills to effectively communicate new discoveries to fellow scientists and to the general public.

Non-Thesis Option

The non-thesis option involves intense advanced coursework. You will obtain an advanced knowledge-base in ecological, cellular, molecular and genetic attributes that concern free-living and pathogenic microbial systems.

You will also develop writing skills to effectively communicate current discoveries in microbiology to the general public.