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The minor in bioinformatics provides effective training at the interface of biological applications and computational tools. Through this minor, you will learn to lead in fields of biological sciences.

What is bioinformatics?

In the early 21st century we gained the ability to decipher and manipulate the genetic information of organisms. We have also seen dramatic advances in imaging technologies from the macro to nano scales (Satellites/UAVs, hyper-spectral imaging, GPS, MRI, confocal and two photon microscopy, x-ray crystallography, etc.).

A revolution in information technology has enabled these advances in which we have seen ever accelerating computational processing speeds and ever more massive data sets. These changes are driving a fundamental transformation of the biological sciences.


This minor focuses on core concepts and approaches that can be applied to current and future tools and applications. You will be trained using the most advanced tools and applications available, while also developing a durable skill set for those that have yet to be created.

The core curriculum of the minor will cover the essentials of effective computation, as well as the handling, exploration and utilization of large data sets.

Bioinformatics Minor Requirements