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Obtain a comprehensive, solid foundation in the major branches of biology.

There are multiple ways to earn an undergraduate degree in biology at Texas A&M University. First you will choose which degree program will work best for you — the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Arts.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The Bachelor of Science in Biology provides the opportunity for extensive study across the breadth of biological disciplines, ranging from molecular and cellular biology to ecology and evolution.

This degree plan is recommended for students preparing for graduate programs in biological sciences or any professional programs in health and medical sciences such as medical, dental or veterinary schools.

Bachelor of Science in Biology Curriculum

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

The Bachelor of Arts in Biology provides the most flexibility when earning a biology degree at Texas A&M.

This program has a large number of available electives and requires a minor in a discipline other than biology. The minor requirement gives you the opportunity to include significant coursework in areas such as foreign language, business, education or social sciences.

The program is recommended for students with broad educational objectives or who intend to pursue further education in areas such as allied health professions, professional schools or teaching certification.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology Curriculum