• Director of Conservation Research Laboratory
  • Director of Analytical Archaeology Laboratory
  • Director of Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation Assistant Professor
Research Areas
  • Nautical Archaeology
Christopher Dostal


Courses Taught:

  • ANTH 605 – Conservation of Archaeological Materials I
  • ANTH 606 – Conservation of Archaeological Materials II
  • ANTH 607 – Historical Archaeology
  • ANTH 617 – Conservation of Archaeological Materials III
  • ANTH 663 – Analytical Methods in Archaeology and Conservation
  • ANTH 689 – Analytical Methods in Archaeology and Conservation

Current Graduate Students:

  • Ryan Theis
  • Benjamin Ioset
  • Megan Crutcher
  • Olivia Thomas
  • Raul Palomino
  • Claire Zak
  • Chabli Bravo
  • Austin Seiss

Educational Background

  • PhD, Texas A&M University, 2017

Research Interests

    • Historical-period maritime archaeology in North America and Western Europe
    • The conservation and long-term preservation of waterlogged archaeological artifacts
    • In situ preservation and documentation techniques for underwater archaeological sites
    • X-ray fluorescence elemental analysis of archaeological artifacts
    • Digital imaging and 3D modeling of archaeological artifacts
    • Public outreach.

Selected Publications

    • 2020 Integrating digital and conventional recording techniques for the documentation and reconstruction of an 18th-Century wooden ship from Alexandria, VA. With Glenn Grieco, Peter Fix, Carolyn Kennedy, Julia Herbst, Lauren Shultz, and Ricardo Borrero. (Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Vol. 16)

    • 2018 Photogrammetric Texture Mapping: A Method for Increasing the Fidelity of 3D Models of Cultural Heritage Materials, with Kotaro Yamafune. (Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 18C pp. 430-436)

    • 2017 Recording, Publishing, and Reconstructing Wooden Shipwrecks, with Castro, F, Bendig, C, Berube, M, Budsberg, N, Monteiro, A, Smith, C, Torres, R, and Yamafune, K. (Journal of Maritime Archaeology, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11457-017-9185-8 )