Anthropology is the study of what it means to be human in the broadest sense, through an examination of culture and society, the biology and evolution of humans and our closest relatives and the study of past human communities and material culture.


Display of assorted tools and weapons from 13,000 years ago

Welcome to the Study of Human Existence

Founded in 1971, the Department of Anthropology at Texas A&M University studies humankind over the entire world and throughout time. Anthropologists study existing cultures and human behavior (cultural anthropology), traditions (folklore), prehistoric cultures and lifeways (archaeology), the biological makeup and evolution of humans (physical anthropology) and the origin and nature of language (linguistics). Although traditionally an academic field, anthropology is being used to aid in the solution of practical problems in areas all around the world.

Degrees Offered

The aim of the anthropology major is to provide a background in behavioral studies for students who desire a broad education in either the biological or the social sciences. Anthropology majors can obtain research experience in science and the humanities through ethnographic or biological research, or archaeology field schools. Most undergraduates in anthropology at Texas A&M select this major because of the opportunity it affords them to acquire a sound education.

Undergraduate Degrees

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in anthropology at Texas A&M is a truly unique experience, part of which is due to the wide range of courses you can choose from as an anthropology major.

Graduate Degrees

Students enrolled within these programs receive training preparing them for professional research and/or teaching careers in academic institutions, governmental agencies, museums or private industry.

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