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College of Arts & Sciences

Department Administration

Field work around tables and a tent


  Committee and Administrative Assignments
Head Darryl de Ruiter
Associate Head Kelly Graf
Director of Graduate Studies Lori Wright
Associate Director of Graduate Studies Jeff Winking
M.S. Program Coordinator Kevin Crisman
Director of Undergraduate Studies Catharina Laporte
Archaeology Program Coordinator Tedd Goebel (Fall)/Kelly Graff (Spring)
Biological Anth Program Coordinator Darryl de Ruiter
Cultural Anth Program Coordinator Mike Alvard
Nautical Anth Program Coordinator Cemal Pulak
Department Curator Heather Thakar
Director, CMAC Donny Hamilton
Director, SCFA Mike Waters
Associate Director, SCFA Ted Goebel
Director, CRL Donny Hamilton
NAGPRA Coordinator Heather Thakar
Assessment Coordinator (phasing out> Alston Thoms
Distinguished Lecture Series Coordinator Anna Linderholm
Building Proctor Rebekah Luza


Bridging Themes Working Groups

Evolution & Ecology  (Darryl de Ruiter, Chair)
Food/Nutrition/Culture (Allison Hopkins, Chair)
Migrations/Dispersals/Diaspora (Ted Goebel, Chair)
Technology & Material Culture (Filipe Castro, Chair)


Standing Committees

Executive Committee
Mike Alvard (CULT)
Cemal Pulak) (NAUT)
Mike Waters (CSFA Director)
Donny Hamilton (CMAC Director)

Graduate Committee
Lori Wright (BIO, Chair)
Donny Hamilton (NAUT)
Vaughn Bryant (ARCH)
Jeff Winking – Fall (CULT)

Undergraduate Committee
Allison Hopkins (CULT)
David Carlson (ARCH)
Sheela Athreya (BIO)
Deborah Carlson (NAUT)

Climate and Inclusion Committee
Shelley Wachsman (NAUT)
Heather Thakar (ARCH)
Catharina Laporte (CULT)
Lori Wright (BIO)
Rebekah Luza (Staff Rep)
Armando Innureta (Grad Student Rep)
TBD (Undergrad Student Rep)

Association of Anthropology Graduate Students
Angela Achorn (AAGS GPSC Rep & Faculty Liaison)
Missy Gandarilla (AAGS GPSC Rep Alternate)


Promotion & Tenure Committee

Ted Goebel, Chair
All Tenured Faculty review Assistant Professors for Promotion & Tenure
All Full Professors review Associate Professors for Promotion & Tenure

Promotion & Tenure Committee

Ted Goebel (Chair)

  • Sub-committee for Anna Linderholm
    • Ted Goebel (Chair of Sub-committee; research letter)
    • Sheela Athreya (teaching letter)
    • Jeff Winking (service letter)
  • Sub-committee for Catharina Laporte
    • Sheela Athreya (Chair of sub-committee; teaching letter)
    • Jeff Winking (service letter)

Departmental Representation on College Committees
Liberal Arts Executive Council (Cynthia Werner)
Liberal Arts GIC (Lori Wright)
Liberal Arts UIC (Sheela Athreya)
Liberal Arts Council (Donny Hamilton, Catharina Laporte)
Liberal Arts Climate & Inclusion (Heather Thakar)
Planning & Resources (Vaughn Bryant)
TAMU Libraries Representative (David Carlson)
Glasscock Center Advisory Committee (Shelley Wachsmann)


Departmental Representatives on Faculty Senate
Catharina Laporte (Executive Committee Member)
Anna Linderholm
Heather Thakar

Departmental Representation on Staff Committees
Liberal Arts Staff Development Council (Christel Cooper)
Liberal Arts Business Council (Rebekah Luza)

Advisors to Student Organizations
Anthropological Society Staff Advisor (Marco Valadez)
Nautical Archaeology Student Association Faculty Advisor (Filipe Castro)
Anthropology Graduate Student Association (Lori Wright)

Mentors for Assistant Professors
Allison Hopkins – Jeff Winking and Cynthia Werner
Catharina Laporte – Valerie Balester (outside of dept) and Cynthia Werner
Anna Linderholm –Jeff Winking and Kelly Graf
Heather Thakar – Ted Goebel and Cynthia Werner


Mentors for Associate Professors (if desired)
Sheela Athreya – Lori Wright
Debbie Carlson – Cemal Pulak and Kevin Crisman