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The Anthropology Research Collections at Texas A&M University (ARC-TAMU) supports and facilitates the Department of Anthropology’s goals of education and research focused on understanding the human experience across space and through time.

Texas A&M University is committed to preserving the health and safety of its students, staff, faculty, affiliates, and visitors, and to protecting the environment in which archaeological SCUBA diving occurs.

View resources for faculty regarding travel, research, teaching and professional development.

In many ways, fieldwork differentiates Anthropology from the other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Learn more about conduct in the field.

View a list of films made available by the anthropology department at Texas A&M University.

View graduate student resources regarding award applications, travel, degree paperwork, evaluations and career opportunities.

The Radiocarbon and Isotope Preparation Laboratory at Texas A&M University focuses on the extraction and purification of carbon-containing samples from a wide variety of sample types including charcoal, carbonates, bone, and soil.

View more general, archaeology, biology and folklore resources offered by the department.