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College of Arts & Sciences

Anthropology Honors Program

The Anthropology Honors Program provides academically motivated students the opportunity to gain advanced instruction in the field of Anthropology and be directly involved in research. The program is designed to expose students to a broader and more in-depth coverage of anthropological theory, methods, and praxis, and to enhance their ability to find employment and/or gain admission to a graduate program upon graduation. To this end, students are required to take part in at least two high-impact activities to successfully complete the Anthropology Honors Program.

There are a number of benefits to enrolling in an honors program at Texas A&M University. Honors students are eligible to enroll in honors-designated courses, which place greater focus on small, discussion-based classes, one-on-one instruction, and independent research. Students can also earn honors credit by taking graduate courses or establishing honors course contracts.  Honors students also enjoy priority registration and specialized counseling.

Students can receive honors distinction on multiple levels, and completion of Anthropology Honors also satisfies the majority of requirements for University Honors and Liberal Arts Honors. However, students must apply to each program individually.

In recognition of completing the Anthropology Honors Program, students will receive a certificate, and the Anthropology Honors designation will be indicated on their official transcript.


Anthropology Honors Program Info Sheet & Checklist

Anthropology Honors Program Application