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The minor in Nautical Archaeology provides students with foundational training in shipwreck archaeology, one of the unique strengths of Texas A&M University.  Students learn how watercraft have shaped the human experience and changed history, as they gain fluency in ship construction technologies, underwater survey and excavation techniques, and the conservation of archaeological artifacts from submerged contexts.  The legal protection of underwater cultural heritage and the ethics of treasure hunting engage critical thinking. Professional training may be acquired through archaeological fieldwork, internships in conservation and/or archival research, or supervised scholarly research. The minor in Nautical Archaeology integrates with all majors in Arts and Sciences and exposes students to careers in maritime museums, cultural resource management firms, as well as state and federal government, educational, and non-profit agencies.

Students interested in pursuing a minor in Nautical Archaeology can speak with their major advisor for approval and to add the minor to their academic record.

See the curriculum and course options for the Nautical Archaeology minor in the Undergraduate Catalog.