Chemists study matter and the changes it undergoes to solve some of society’s most vexing problems. Some work on medicines to treat cancer and other diseases, while others develop materials to convert the sun’s energy to electricity. Still others develop polymers with applications in cleaning up pollution and creating a more sustainable environment.

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Close-up of a chemist wearing a while lab coat and black gloves while holding a glass vial containing a fluorescent material that is glowing bright orange due to its exposure to an ultraviolet light source within the lab

The Elements of Excellence

Faculty, students and staff in the Department of Chemistry take pride in their shared purpose of translating their passion for chemistry to young scholars at all levels in many scientific fields. Our research at the forefront of emerging fields in energy, materials, synthesis and properties of new molecules has important applications across multiple disciplines and potential careers.

Degrees Offered

A degree in chemistry affords a student a wide range of career options in chemical industry, education and government. See our Career Choices website for a listing of former students and their career choices.

Undergraduates Degrees

Chemistry profoundly influences the way we live. A strong background in chemistry provides a solid foundation for a variety of careers of major importance in the twenty-first century. We offer programs leading to degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, both of which are suitable as terminal degree programs as well as for preparation for more advanced study in chemistry and related areas or as preparation for many professional programs in a variety of career fields.

Graduate Degrees

The graduate program in chemistry is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the broad field of chemistry, as well as rigorous training in research and communication skills. Our graduates pursue careers in academia, at government laboratories and in the chemical industry.

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