Texas A&M’s Department of Geography leads research and service in physical geography, remote sensing and geographic information science and technology (GIST) and human-environment geography. Aggie geographers combine experience-fueled expertise with facilities to produce world-changing research. Our advanced centers, labs and facilities equip our faculty, research staff and students with everything they need to conduct impactful science. In a rapidly changing era, our world-class faculty’s teaching and research make all the difference.

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Foundational Research

Humankind is facing countless environmental and societal challenges that impact global economies and communities. We cannot tackle those challenges without geographers. Geography is an essential, foundational science that makes possible so much of the research in climate science, biodiversity, energy and oceanography that's critical to our world today.

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The Center for Geospatial Sciences, Applications and Technology (GEOSAT) advances geospatial knowledge and fosters innovative geospatial technology and solutions by promoting multidisciplinary collaborations between Texas A&M faculty, students, government and industry.