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College of Arts & Sciences

The Department of Physics & Astronomy at Texas A&M University has seen a dramatic increase in endowments over last few years. These donations are helping to establish this department as one of the premier physics & astronomy research institutions in the country.

If you would like to give to the Department of Physics, we would love to add you to the distinguished list below. For information, please contact Professor Edward Fry.

For general information on how to give to Texas A&M, please visit the Texas A&M Foundation website.

 A reception with a donor with Physics and Astronomy faculty and university leadership. Everyone is smiling and appears excited. A man in a suit is holding up a paper that everyone is looking at.

Gifts for the department:

  • George P. and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Institute Building and George P. Mitchell Physics Building
  • Cambridge–Texas A&M Collaboration
  • Stephen Hawking’s visit to the Mitchell Institute in 2003
  • Mitchell Institute conferences in 2004-2005
  • Giant Magellan Telescope (first mirror casting)
  • Giant Magellan Telescope (first mirror polishing)
  • Giant Magellan Telescope (first mirror final polishing)
  • Astronomy Advisory Panel October 2003
  • Mercury Dimer Spectroscopy
  • Hawking Visit in 2003 (via President Gates’s office)


  • Nelson M. Duller Professorship in Experimental Physics (held by Agnolet)
  • Mitchell/Heep Chair in Theoretical High Energy Physics (held by Nanopoulos)
  • Mitchell/Heep Chair in Experimental High Energy Physics (held by McIntyre)
  • Schüessler–Laux/Mitchell/Heep Chair in Optical and Biomedical Physics (held by Schüessler)
  • Stephen Hawking Chair in Fundamental Physics (held by Pope)
  • Rachal/Mitchell/Heep Professorship in Physics/Astronomy (held by DePoy)
  • Mitchell/Heep/Munnerlyn Chair in Observational Astronomy/Cosmology (held by Suntzeff)
  • Mitchell/Munnerlyn/Heep Career Enhancement Award (held by Ricardo Eusebi)
  • George P. Mitchell ’40 Chair in Experimental Physics (held by Fry)
  • Munnerlyn/Heep Chair in Quantum Optics (held by Zubairy)
  • Stephen E. Harris Professorship in Quantum Optics (held by Sokolov)
  • Herschel Burgess Chair in Non-High Energy Physics (held by Scully)
  • Ed Rachal Chair in High Energy Physics (held by Webb)
  • Cynthia Woods Mitchell Garden Maintenance Endowment (for the garden on the roof of the George P. Mitchell Physics Building)
  • George P. Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics & Astronomy Endowment
  • George P. Mitchell ’40 Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Astronomy
  • George P. Mitchell ’40 Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Astronomy Research Fund
  • George P. Mitchell ’40 Lecture in Astronomy
  • George P. Mitchell ’40 Astronomy Colloquium Series Fund
  • George P. Mitchell ’40 Salary Enhancement Endowment
  • Friends of Cambridge Visitors’ Endowment in Physics
  • Chia-Lai Wang Memorial Fund
  • C. F. Squire Graduate Research Endowment
  • William A. Robba ’51 Graduate Fellowship in Physics
  • Jean R. Whitmore Endowed Fellowship in Physics
  • Renate Schüessler–Laux Memorial Fund
  • James G. Potter Scholarship Endowment
  • Physics Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
  • Donald F. Hagan ’76 Endowed Scholarship
  • Marianne and Robert Hamm Undergraduate Scholarships in Physics
  • Matthew P. Hodges ’00 Memorial Scholarship
  • Jack McIntyre Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics
  • C. W. Mitchell Undergraduate Scholarship for Women in Physics
  • Arseven/Mitchell Chair in Astronomy Statistics
  • William R. Thurman ’58 Chair in Physics
  • Ralph and Marsha Schilling ’68 Chair in Physics & Astronomy
  • W. H. Bassichis Chair Teaching Excellence Physics & Astronomy
  • Katherine A. & Ronald I. Wilson ’72 Scholarship Physics
  • William R. Thurman ’58 Endowment Scholarship in Physics
  • Hodges Family Fund
  • R. C. Shepard ’71 Endowment Scholarship Astrophysics
  • Willard & Anne Levin Foundation Endowment Scholarship
  • Dr. Phyllis Toback Mechanics Scholarship Award
  • Sandi Smith Undergrad Scholarship in Physics & Astronomy
  • John and Fides Agnolet Endowed Scholarship
  • Phillip and Doris Moses Ranch Fund
  • Richard Arnowitt Award Endowment
  • Physics Festival Endowment
  • Lynn & Dr. Veron E. Kenner ’73 Graduate Fellow in Physics
  • Michael E. Griffith, DVM ’78 Endowment for the MIPEP
  • L. R. ‘Pete ‘Wright ’54 Undergraduate Research Initiative–Astronomy
  • Nancy & Robert L. Dunham ’63 U. G. Research Initiative