• Professor
  • Mitchell/Heep Chair in High Energy Physics
Research Areas
  • Dark Matter
  • The Standard Model & Search for New Particles
  • Phone: 979-845-5359
  • Email: dutta@tamu.edu
  • Office: MIST M424 (main office)
  • Document: CV
Bhaskar Dutta


During past few years, my research has focused on developing new techniques, search strategies and investigating hints for new physics at the LHC; developing models to understand dark matter (DM), neutrinos, flavor violation, grand unification, baryogenesis etc.; investigating the DM content in various cosmological and particle physics scenarios; establishing models of DM at direct and indirect DM detection experiments; exploring high scale theories to investigate the origin of DM, baryon abundances; understanding the impact of inflation in particle physics models.

Research Team

Institution Membership

Awards & Honors

  • APS Fellow (2020)
  • OSU distinguished Alumni (2017)
  • Mitchell-Heep chair in high energy physics (2019)

Selected Publications