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  • Data-Intensive Computation
  • Galaxy Evolution
Casey Papovich


Casey Papovich's research is in the areas of observational cosmology, the formation and evolution of the most distant galaxies, and the growth of large scale structures of galaxies. His recent work focuses on observations of the properties of the first galaxies, constraints on cosmological reionization, quantifying the growth and assembly of stellar mass in galaxies in the early universe, the formation of galaxy clusters and their properties, and using satellite galaxies to test of the nature of dark matter and feedback mechanisms in galaxy evolution. Dr. Papovich's research utilizes data from all of NASA's space-based Great Observatories (Hubble, Spitzer, and Chandra), the NASA/ESA Herschel Space Observatory, and the largest terrestrial telescopes, including the Gemini Observatory, Magellan Telescopes, Keck Observatory, and the ALMA Observatory). He is the project scientist for GMACS, the primary wide-field spectrograph being built for the Giant Magellan Telescope. He is involved in multiple international collaborations, including the ZFOURGE, CANDELS, HETDEX, HerS, DES, and LSST projects.

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