• Graduate Student
Micalyn Rowe D


I am a born and raised Texan, and I am half Filipina and half white. I have a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics with a minor in Astronomy from Texas A&M University-Commerce. I love to read books, spend time outdoors with Heath (human partner) and Beans (doggie), watch interesting TV, photograph special moments, travel, and expand my horizons. I believe that the world is a better place when people act selflessly!

I am currently an Astronomy PhD graduate student. My past undergraduate research experience consists of some Mathematics (specifically complex analysis), some Acoustics (designing a recording studio), and a little bit of Astronomy (carbon atmosphere white dwarfs). I am currently working with Dr. Peter Brown and Dr. Nicholas Suntzeff for my graduate research. I look at the UVOT (Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope) Grism spectra of Type II supernovae!

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