• Graduate Student
Research Areas
  • Computational Statistical Physics
  • Dark Matter
  • Dark Matter Theory
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Quantum Computing
  • The Standard Model & Search for New Particles
  • Pronouns: (he / him / his)
  • Email: iman.ataee@tamu.edu
  • Office: MPHY 307 (main office) - MIST M316 (aux. location)
Iman Langroudy Ataee


Currently, I'm a member of Prof. David Toback's research group in searching for Dark Matter.
CDMS experiment studies the physics of the Dark Matter detector. Detector Monte Carlo software has been developed by Super CDMS to simulate phonon and charge propagation within the detectors in addition to detector readout (for both charge and phonons). I'm contributing to the CDMS experiment by simulating the response of the dark matter detector to known sources. The results from this Monte Carlo simulation will be used to analyze real experiment data. We expect to find evidence of dark matter, possibly in the form of WIMPs.

I'm also an admin trainee on Brazos Cluster. I'm also the administrator of the Toback Research Group Website.

I love Programming above all, even knowing that I dedicated my past to physics. I think I'm more talented and more passionate in programming than anything else. I also love logic, and I can hardly leave anything unproven for myself. In my opinion, Mathematics is the language of logic, and this means that Mathematics is my most preferred "language." On the other hand physics is the key to my philosophical questions, and therefore, I see physics as my way to try to answer them.

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