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College of Arts & Sciences

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers embedded certificates as part of the major. The certificates are considered embedded because they require no additional coursework—beyond specific courses in the major itself—to earn the certificate. All certificates require 15 credits (5 courses). The certificates are designed to (a) bring greater depth and structure to the major, (b) provide students with guidance as to courses that build on each other, and (c) ultimately increase the employability of our students. When you are planning for courses to complete a certificate, be sure to take into account that not all courses are offered every semester and waiting for courses to become “available” may not be reliable. Be sure to complete all courses in a timely manner.

Certificates must be added prior to completing 60 credit hours, and no more than two certificates may be added to your degree.

Contact for additional information, concerns, and certificate requests.

Here is a PDF presentation on Certificate Information.