The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences prepares students for graduate school and successful careers. Psychology majors receive a rigorous program of undergraduate education and training that encourages critical thinking, lifelong learning, and the analysis and integration of information about individuals and groups of people.

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Advancing Scientific Discoveries

Psychology research produces scientific discoveries that shed light on psychological processes involved in human behavior. This includes identifying normal and disordered processes that contribute to mental and physical health disorders across the lifespan, as well as the psychological and social processes that influence people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors as they engage with family, work and their community. Our faculty are highly research active, maintaining large federal grants, publishing in top outlets in science and in their specific fields, and leading the field on editorial boards and grant review panels. Learn and work with world-class psychological and brain sciences faculty by joining us at Texas A&M University.

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Our department offers valuable, hands-on research opportunities that will prepare students for both graduate work in specific domains as well as in scientific thinking for future employment.

Our department offers a study abroad program that travels to Germany every summer. Cultural and educational visits include Berlin, Bonn, Brandenburg, Cologne, and Munich in Germany and Vienna in Austria.

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