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The employment opportunities for those interested in the atmospheric sciences are very diverse. Broadcast meteorology is the most visible employment, but someone with a background in meteorology and the atmospheric sciences can find employment in all manner of forecasting, both general and specialized for the general public and industries; operational meteorology, which works with radar, satellite, and other weather infrastructure; data collection and analysis, with employers ranging from numerous governmental organizations to the private sector; and model development, providing maintenance and improvements to the numerical models that allow weather forecasting to be carried out on the scale it is today. A background in atmospheric science also helps in finding employment in weather-related and weather-dependent fields, such as air quality monitoring, agriculture, aviation, and more.

Employment in the atmospheric sciences as a whole is growing, with a positive job outlook in the coming decade. Atmospheric scientists also enjoy a high median pay of around $94,000 in 2018. Below you can find several resources for finding a job or internship.