Sociology supports a diverse community of students and faculty working together to research and address real world social issues. Sociology provides an excellent background for students wishing to enter service based professions like social services, ministry, nursing, teaching law enforcement, law, marketing, human resources, journalism, government, business management and entrepreneurialism.

Liberal Arts Social Sciences Building (LASB)

Sociology at Texas A&M University

Students have been enrolling in sociology classes at Texas A&M University since the 1918-1919 school year. The Department of Sociology at Texas A&M University offers a quality undergraduate education, recognized as one of the nation’s leading programs in the field by the American Sociological Association. The department offers a broad-based curriculum with excellent opportunities for training in various areas of faculty expertise and research. Join us, and become a world-class sociologist!


Explore a wide range of social topics and issues in Sociology, Gender and Health, and LGBTQ Studies.

The Sociology Graduate Program is a generalist program that supports a wide array of research interests.

Investigate the experiences and contributions of Latino/as in the United States and abroad.

Critical analysis of gender and the pursuit of knowledge about women throughout history and around the world.


The laboratory conducts large-scale studies of the causes and consequences of drug abuse and other deviant adaptations to stress.

The TXRDC collaborates with the U.S. Census Bureau to expand basic scientific knowledge through the access of restricted data.

The REU program provides top undergraduates from around the country the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of knowledge.

Faculty and students in our department conduct research activities across several programs, institutes, and centers.

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