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College of Arts & Sciences

Graduate School Milestone Documents

The Graduate and Professional School only accepts documents completed in the Academic Requirements Completion System (ARCS) through the Howdy portal for the forms listed below:

  • Preliminary Examination Checklist and Report
  • Request and Announcement of the Final Examination
  • Request for Exemption from the Final Examination
  • Research Proposal Approval Form
  • Written Dissertation Approval Form
  • Written Thesis Approval Form
  • Thesis, Dissertation, and Record of Study – Copyright Availability
  • Final Exam Results forms

The Graduate and Professional School Resources for Degree Completion website contains information and forms about the basic necessary steps toward getting your degree requirements fulfilled. The website includes information about submission of the degree plan, which is done through the Document Processing Submission System. Please review this information thoroughly before contacting their office with questions.

When initiating documents through ARCS, please mark Dr. Nancy Plankey-Videla as the Staff Graduate Advisor. She is the first signer of ARCS documents before they are sent to the Department Head and to Graduate Committee members and will ensure that your document is routed correctly.

If you would like to add Master's of Science to your current PhD program, please submit the request to add secondary curriculum.

Other Forms

Form to Request Permission to Enroll in Graduate Class

Application for SOCI 685: Directed Studies

Qualtrics form to Evaluate Master’s Papers/Theses and PhD Dissertations

Report of the Final Examination for the Master’s Paper