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College of Arts & Sciences

This combined program enables motivated and exceptional students to efficiently complete both the Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and the Master of Ocean Science & Technology degree in five years.

The concurrent degree program will enable you to coordinate the required B.S. coursework and Master of Ocean Science & Technology coursework to complete the required credit hours for each degree without diminishing scope or quality of work and within five years. You must finish the entire 150 credit hours to obtain both the bachelor's and master's degrees.

Entering the combined program will allow you to apply for the Master of Ocean Science & Technology program without taking a GRE. If admitted, you will be assigned a faculty advisor, but will not be required to form a formal committee.

Five-Year Program: B.S. in Meteorology + Master of Ocean Science & Technology Curriculum


Applicants must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.25. Applicants should also earn a C or better in all chemistry, calculus and physics courses. Once admitted to the program, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA on all graduate coursework.

Applying to the Program

You will need to submit your application to the combined program by June 15 after the completion of your junior year. Applications submitted after that time will be evaluated on a case by case basis. GRE scores are not required for admission to the program.

If you are admitted to the program, you will change from U4 to G7 status once you have completed at least 90 hours (end of spring semester, year three). You will graduate with both degrees at the completion of the fifth year in the combined program coursework (150 credit hours).

If you are not accepted or not allowed to continue with the combined program, you will complete the 120-hour bachelor’s degree under the standard four-year curriculum. You may still apply to the traditional graduate program.