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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Meteorology emphasizes weather and weather forecasting. You'll also take courses in climatology, atmospheric chemistry, cloud physics and remote sensing of the atmosphere with radar and satellites.

Meteorology also has connections to oceanography and other geosciences disciplines, which you can learn about through elective courses.


Many of the subjects relevant to meteorology rely on a strong foundation of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Because of this, many of the courses in atmospheric sciences have prerequisite courses in these foundational fields.

Students interested in cooperative educational arrangements and internships should contact the department’s academic advisor for information.

B.S. in Meteorology Curriculum


Students who receive B.S. degrees in Meteorology often obtain employment with:

  • The National Weather Service
  • Private meteorological consulting and weather forecasting companies
  • Air quality consulting firms
  • Airlines
  • TV stations
  • Energy trading companies
  • Universities
  • State governments
  • Agricultural firms
  • Computer-related industries

Some students choose to enter the military services as weather officers. Positions in teaching and research normally require a graduate degree.