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B.S. Meteorology

Students who complete an undergraduate course of study in Atmospheric Sciences receive the degree of Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. The B.S. in Meteorology requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. For an example curriculum and list of courses, see the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Catalog.

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Meteorology Minor

Students may obtain a minor in Meteorology by taking a minimum of 16 hours in Atmospheric Sciences or upper division Geosciences courses. GEOS courses may comprise no more than 6 of these hours, with the remainder being ATMO. At least 9 of the 16 hours must be in courses 300-level or above, including at least three 400-level hours.

Minimum prerequisites for the minor include either two semesters of calculus or two semesters of chemistry (but not necessarily both). Students interested in pursuing the minor are encouraged to meet with the department’s academic advisor to help identify appropriate courses.

To start the process of declaring this minor, please contact the academic advisor to set up an appointment.

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