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College of Arts & Sciences

Charlotte Miller

Undergraduate Student Spotlight

“At Texas A&M Oceanography, you will never take a class where the professor isn’t incredibly passionate about what they are teaching. It’s infectious.” – Charlotte Miller '20

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Tyler Winkler

Graduate Student Spotlight

“Take advantage of every opportunity that you can to learn something new. There is so much amazing science being done by Texas A&M Oceanographers, and the opportunities to grow as an early career scientist are limitless if you are willing to collaborate and learn from those around you!” - Tyler Winkler

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Shelley Culver

Undergraduate Student Spotlight

“The Texas A&M Oceanography Department is unique in that the faculty and staff want to see you succeed and are supportive of the endeavors of every student.” – Shelley Culver '20

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Damian Simonini

Former Student Spotlight

“During the two years I spent at Texas A&M, the bonds I made with the oceanography students and professors really made the department feel like a home away from home.” – Damian Simonini '18 (M.S.)

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Charles Holmes II

Graduate Student Spotlight

“The work we do in Texas A&M Oceanography is helping to make the seas, and thus the Earth, less of a stranger to humanity.” - Charles Holmes II

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Dr. Lei Hu

Former Student Spotlight

“Texas A&M OCNG has nourished my passion in environmental sciences” – Dr. Lei Hu '12 (Ph.D.)

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