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Oceanography is an interdisciplinary science that focuses on the oceans, their contents and their boundaries. Degree programs include Bachelor of Science in Oceanography, Master of Science (thesis option) in Oceanography, Doctorate in Oceanography and a Master of Ocean Science and Technology (MOST), a non-thesis professional degree. In addition, qualified undergraduate students may participate in a 15-credit minor in oceanography.

The Bachelor of Science in oceanography provides students with an interdisciplinary education and training in one of three areas of ocean science: Ocean Observing Science and Technology (OOST), Ocean Climate (OC), Marine Ecosystems Processes (MEP) and Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry (MCG). All students will gain skill in handling, evaluating and analyzing large datasets.

The Department of Oceanography also has a combined five-year bachelor's/MOST Program in conjunction with environmental geosciences, atmospheric sciences and geology. These combined programs offer motivated and exceptional students the opportunity to achieve aspirations in an efficient program at Texas A&M, completing a Bachelor of Science degree in one of these majors: environmental geosciences, meteorology, geology, oceanography, and the Master of Ocean Science and Technology degree in five years. There are only two courses used for dual credit in this program. There is a total of 150 hours of coursework. The concurrent degree program enables these motivated students to coordinate the required coursework (114 undergraduate credit hours plus six dual credit graduate courses) and MOST coursework (36 credit hours including the six dual credit graduate courses) to complete the required credit hours for each degree without diminishing scope or quality of work within five years.