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College of Arts & Sciences

Students who wish to change into Physics after beginning at Texas A&M in another major must satisfy the following requirements:

  • An overall GPA of 2.5 or better and a 2.5 or better in physics and math courses in the degree plan
  • Credit for PHYS 206 and the appropriate required lab: Engineers – ENGR/PHYS 216, all others – PHYS 226 (4 credits), MATH 151/171 (4 credits), and MATH 152/172 (4 credits). These classes require a C or better when taken at TAMU and a B or better when taken at another school. A minimum of one Physics or Math class must be taken at TAMU with a C or better prior to changing to Physics.
  • A clean academic history (no cases of scholastic dishonesty, etc.).
  • Must have fewer than 90 credit hours