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College of Arts & Sciences

Students interested in a double major with INTS, Classics, or Modern Languages must meet with an INTS advisor to discuss requirements.

Students already majoring in INTS/CLAS/MODL and wishing to pursue a second major must reach out to a major advisor in the second area to declare the second major as well as meet with an INTS advisor.

Double Major vs. Double Degree

A double major can be pursued when both majors fall under the same degree type (ex. BA in INTS and BA HIST, or BA CLAS and BA PSYC). A double major requires 120 hours minimum, but generally will take closer to 130-140 hours to complete. A student with a double major is awarded a single diploma when they graduate.

When the majors fall under two different degrees a student must declare a double degree in each department (ex. BA INTS and BS in ECON, or a BA in MODL and a BS in Math). A double degree requires students to complete 150 unique hours between both degrees. This means that they are also completing both sets of core requirements. Students are awarded two separate diplomas when they graduate (unless one of the degrees is with Psychology).

In rare cases, two BA’s may require a double degree rather than a double major due to a lack (or excess) of overlap in the degree plans (ex. BA INTS-IPD and a BA in POLS or BA INTS and BA PSYC).


Students must (1) declare the double major or double degree no later than the semester in which they will complete 89 credit hours, (2) have a cumulative GPR of at least 3.0 at the time of declaration, (3) have completed 9 hours in their second major with a GPR of 3.0 or above.

Course Overlap

A max of 12 hours may be overlapped to satisfy double major requirements. It is not recommended for courses to overlap for double degrees since you must earn at least 150 credit hours.