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College of Arts & Sciences

The types of financial aid available to Texas A&M University graduate students are:

Outside Graduate Assistantships

History graduate students may find GAT positions in other departments, although the search is more challenging. Some jobs, such as those in college offices, are posted and open for applications. Outside departments sometimes request that the Coordinator or Department Head suggest someone for them. Check the bulletin boards outside the Financial Aid office periodically for possibilities. While the financial benefits and departmental perks vary, all GATs receive the university-funded medical/dental and life insurance coverage year round.

Fellowships and Scholarships

History graduate students are eligible for Merit, President’s, and Regent’s Fellowships and are nominated by the department prior to enrollment. Financial Aid distributes Academic Excellence Awards (scholarships) to undergraduate and graduate students on a competitive basis each spring. The monetary value of the fellowships and scholarships vary. Other awards, such as the Good Neighbor Award for Canadian and Mexican students, may supplement tuition payments. Outside sources can be located through the Financial Aid computer bank.