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College of Arts & Sciences

Study the oceans and the processes that affect them with an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Oceanography.

You will develop the skills to retrieve, evaluate and analyze large oceanographic datasets, such as those generated from long term oceanographic studies and observing systems. This program also emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Bachelor of Science in Oceanography Curriculum


The Bachelor of Science in Oceanography has four themes:

  • Ocean Observing Science and Technology (OOST)
  • Ocean Climate (OC)
  • Marine Ecosystems Processes (MEP)
  • Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry (MCG)
All four themes share common requirements but allow for specialization depending on a student's interest.


The Bachelor of Science in Oceanography will prepare you for jobs in in a variety of fields, including:

  • Marine technical support
  • Energy and transportation industries
  • Insurance industries
  • Hazard mitigation
  • Marine operations
  • Homeland security
  • Oil spill response
If you plan on attending graduate school, we encourage you to also complete a minor in a STEM field.