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The B.A. in international studies is an interdisciplinary degree that combines linguistic and regional expertise with specialization in a sub-field specific to the track.

Through this program, you will:

  • Navigate the complex cultural, social, political and economic stakes of global interdependence
  • Gain a measurable proficiency in a foreign language
  • Obtain regional cultural competency through study abroad or other international travel
  • Complicate your concept of globalization with a historical dimension

Foreign Language

All international studies students must study a foreign language. You'll take a placement exam to determine the level and number of required foreign language courses.

Your foreign language choice will also determine which region you study.

International Experiences

Immerse yourself in a different culture when you go on at least one long semester or 10-week summer study-abroad session. All international travel must be approved by the department beforehand to count toward your degree.

Education Abroad

Choose Your Track

There are five tracks that lead to the B.A. in international studies.