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College of Arts & Sciences

As a department, we seek to be a leader in psychological research and education. Our faculty members are engaged in innovative research programs focused on studying and intervening in behavior through diverse methods and approaches, from micro to macro, with an aim of improving human health and well-being. The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers doctoral training in behavioral and cellular neuroscience, clinical psychology, cognition and cognitive neuroscience, industrial/organizational psychology and social and personality psychology. We also maintain research clusters focused on diversity science, affective science, and personality processes. Doctoral students in clinical psychology and industrial/organizational psychology complete a Master's degree as part of their progress toward their doctorate. Our doctoral training is strongly research-oriented; all students are expected to become involved with research beginning in their first year. We offer a Master of Science in Psychological Sciences degree with a concentration in industrial/organizational psychology, which is intended for students who are interested in employment using psychological principles in the workplace and in organizations.