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The industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology doctoral program will train you to be both a scientist and practitioner.

We believe that a strong grounding in basic and applied research skills and the theoretical underpinnings of I/O psychology are essential for both academic and applied work.

The goal of the I/O psychology program is to continue to enhance its national reputation as a center of scholarly excellence in I/O psychology by conducting high-quality basic and applied research. Consequently, faculty and student collaboration in ongoing research projects is strongly emphasized.

The program has a major emphasis on academic research-based training with the goal of placing students in academic careers. However, this program will also qualify you for positions in:

  • Research organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Corporations
  • Consulting firms

The domains of I/O psychology represented in the program includes the areas of:

  • Testing and personnel selection
  • Training
  • Performance appraisal
  • Individual differences
  • Organizational commitment
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Workplace diversity
  • Group processes

Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology Program Requirements

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program