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College of Arts & Sciences

The forms and resources below might be useful to you in teaching development or activities.

  • This form is used during all peer evaluations of faculty members, as well as for evaluations of graduate students completing training for instruction in psychology: Teaching Evaluation Checklist
  • Every instructor of record is required to gather course evaluations by students. Here are procedures for requesting and implementing those evaluations. To improve the efficiency of evaluations, the Department now supports ONLY electronic evaluations. This requires instructors to be proactive in ensuring that questions needed for evaluation materials are included on evaluations and to follow best procedures for a high response rate. We recommend instructors to have students complete the evaluations during regularly scheduled class time, through mobile devices. Course Evaluation Procedures
  • Undergraduate students who register for internships or research credit will need the correct forms: PSYC 484 Contract (.pdf), PSYC 485 Contract (.pdf), PSYC 491 Contract (.pdf)
  • Information about university holidays and semester timing is at: TAMU Academic Calendar
  • Information about how to assign a textbook in your course is at: Adopt a Textbook
  • You can request to add a library section related to your course at: Psychology Guides
  • Information on how to construct a syllabus: Resources for Syllabuses and Teaching
  • Datasets for statistics and demonstrations is available at Open Stats Lab
  • Interactive tools to teach statistics: