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College of Arts & Sciences

Undergraduate Program and Curriculum Committee

Tim Woods (chair), Koyel Khan, Holly Foster, Stjepan Meštrović, Zuleika Carrasco, Peggy Carris (graduate student), Lizzy Lemke (undergraduate student)

Graduate Admissions Committee

Robert Durán (chair), Joe Feagin, Chaitanya Lakkimsetti, Theresa Morris (Nancy Plankey-Videla serves as non-voting member)

Graduate Program and Evaluation Committee

Nancy Plankey-Videla (chair), Defne Över, Mary Campbell

Graduate Student Awards Committee

Kazuko Suzuki and Rob Mackin (co-chairs), Emilce Santana, Defne Över, Vanessa Verner (graduate student)

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Pat Goldsmith (chair)

Colloquium Committee

Nadia Kim (chair), Chaitanya Lakkimsetti, Kazuko Suzuki, Anna Estelle Kelley (graduate student)

Climate and Support Committee

Wendy Moore (chair), Heili Pals, Troy Harden, Stephanie Smith (graduate student)

Assessment Committee (Undergraduate and Graduate Programs)

Rob Mackin (chair), Warren Waren, Tim Woods

Faculty, Student, Staff Awards

Pat Goldsmith (chair), Wendy Moore, Stjepan Meštrović, Patricia Thornton

AKD/Honors Advisor

Richard Abel

Executive Council (elected)

Holly Foster (2023–2025), Mary Campbell (2023–2025), Ernesto Amaral (2023–2024), Troy Harden (2022–2024)

Annual Review Committee (elected)

XX (2023-2025), XX (2023-2025), Sarah Gatson (2022–2024), Joan Wolf (2022–2024)

Media ad hoc Committee

Ernesto Amaral (chair), Heili Pals, Afruza Aminul (graduate student)

Applied Master’s ad hoc Committee

Theresa Morris (chair), Robert Durán, Omar Hakim

Online Instruction ad hoc Committee

Joan Wolf (chair), Kathy Dietrich, Alex Hernandez

SociologyEats! ad hoc Committee

Sarah Gatson and Mary Campbell (co-chairs), Joe Feagin, Celine Tran, Madison Adams, Nikki Brown, Stephanie Smith (graduate students)

Glasscock Advisory Committee Department Representative

Chaitanya Lakkimsetti

Coordinator of Graduate Instruction

Alex Hernandez

Graduate Student Representative to Faculty Meeting

James Baldwin (alternate: Bryson Bassett)

Graduate Student Hospitality and Welcoming Committee

Afruza Aminul, Emmber Garcia, Madison Adams, Nikki Brown

Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC)

Daisy Santana (alternate: Juan Quiroz)