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Develop a knowledge base in a range of literatures and theories with a Master of Arts in English.

You will take a broad range of courses with small class sizes and complete independent work with an advisory committee. You will pursue specialized study and synthesize the knowledge and critical skills developed through coursework.

Through this program, you will learn to:

  • Articulate a research plan and carry it out
  • Develop original arguments that contribute to ongoing debates within the field
  • Master research techniques and the ability to evaluate resources, including digital resources
  • Communicate your ideas to varied audiences, both orally and in writing

You will choose between the thesis and non-thesis option.

After earning your master's degree in English, you'll be qualified to:

  • Pursue doctoral studies
  • Apply for positions teaching composition at the community college level
  • Succeed in editorial and other writing-centered employment
Master of Arts in English Program Requirements