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Faculty in the area of race, class and gender are generally concerned with understanding social inequality as experienced by members of multiple social groups, and/or their intersection, at the individual, group and structural level. The faculty associated with this concentration investigate a wide variety of social phenomena associated with social group relations in the United States and internationally from different theoretical and methodological perspectives including ethnography, demography and mixed (quantitative and qualitative) methods. Individual faculty specialize in such broad topics as African and African American studies, Asian American studies, critical race theory, gender and sexuality, health disparities, international migration, intersectionality, Latino/a sociology, race and culture, and individual and systemic racism and anti-racism. Additionally, many of our members share common interests in the reproduction of racism in society, the racialization of Latinos, racial, ethnic and gender discrimination and stratification, racial and ethnic residential and occupational segregation, segmented assimilation, and immigrant incorporation.

The departments strength in race, class and gender is further enhanced by institutional and personal connections with the Africana Studies, the Latino/a and Mexican American Studies and the Women’s and Gender Studies.