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At Texas A&M, being a world-class College of Arts and Sciences means that there’s nowhere like here. Our degrees and programs offer unparalleled rigor, quality and reputation that set our graduates apart. And, from day one of your academic journey, we give you the support and resources you need to help you succeed.

The College of Arts and Sciences is the academic heart of Texas A&M. This is the foundation from which any career path can begin — and begin with confidence, boldness, preparedness and strength. There is depth and breadth of the choice here, with more than 130 programs of study, where your passion can find its purpose.

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Prepare for the Future

Each of our majors, from the future anthropologists, meteorologists, chemists, explorers, philosophers, scientists and journalists to future physicists, doctors and lawyers will be incomparably prepared for our changing world and the demanding and impactful careers ahead, no matter what that path may be. Our graduates have developed skills in critical thinking, problem solving and diverse cultural competencies that make them highly sought-after, because the quality of our programs is known as world class.


With our more than 17,000 students, more than 130 programs of study and hundreds of student organizations, you can find both your Aggie family and your dream career in Arts and Sciences.

Preeminent innovators, scholars and leaders in their disciplines will be teaching you, as the next generation of leaders — inspiring greatness, shaping your future and addressing the critical issues of our time — and you will be ready.

Whether you are an undergraduate student or graduate student, your academic advisor will be a great resource for you throughout your academic career.

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The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 130 academic programs designed to help achieve your overall career goals.
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Research in Arts & Sciences

Undergraduate research opportunities are a hallmark of our programs. From your first year, you’ll have opportunities to take part in graduate-level research in any field of study. Your achievements in research, presentations and professional conferences can begin as soon as you start!

Intellectual Connections

Preeminent innovators, scholars and leaders in their disciplines will be teaching and mentoring you as the next generation of leaders — inspiring greatness, shaping your future, challenging you to think critically and expand your perspective, and preparing you for the career path you choose. Our programs foster your intellectual curiosity and development through robust opportunities to advance written and verbal communication skills, scientific inquiry and research, critical disciplinary competencies and cultural exposure for career opportunities anywhere.
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Immersive Experiences

You will have amazing opportunities for participating in groundbreaking research, life-changing study abroad opportunities, immersive field work with world-renowned experts, and real-world experiences through internships and professional programs — all part of an academic journey that supports, engages and inspires you, from the very beginning to launching your successful career.

We value the role that international experiences play in preparing students for successful careers and leadership roles in our increasingly diverse and global environment.

We partner with the Texas A&M Career Center to provide full-service career preparation and placement support. Our career services staff help undergraduates, graduates and former students move forward toward rewarding and impactful careers.

The College of Arts and Sciences supports students every step of the way, from your first day of class, to finding your dream career field, to graduating and becoming part of the Aggie Network.


We are committed to directing our collective potential to making a positive impact on our state, nation and world through the investments in exceptional and promising faculty and students. When you give to the College of Arts and Sciences, you’re opening the doors for opportunities and possibilities that will impact the future for the good of us all. This is where the most extraordinary advances in every discipline happen. Supporting our students and faculty will change the world. Your impact will be transformational.

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