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What We Do

The Undergraduate Student Success Team in the College of Arts and Sciences is here to assist you as you earn your degree in Arts & Sciences. Housed in Suite 107 of the Academic Building, the office is a place for Arts & Sciences students to talk with a success team member and learn about the skills and processes that lead to student success.

We coordinate success programming for all undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences.  Our programs for First-Generation students include our flagship program First-to-Finish, as well as programming for our Regents’ Scholars in the College, and Arts & Sciences Leadership Scholars. We also coordinate the College’s Hullabaloo U program for all incoming freshmen, as well as oversee the Earth & Environment Living Learning Community.  Click on the Side Menu for more information about our programs.

Things we CAN HELP you with:

- Questions about our specific success programs
- Finding appropriate resources
- Basic academic skills questions
- Just a friendly face to answer questions when you don’t know who to ask

Please note: While Undergraduate Student Success staff members can assist you in navigating any challenges you may face, our team cannot advise you on classes, majors, degree plans, or probation questions.  Academic program-related questions are best served by communicating with your academic advisors.

Please e-mail us at or make an appointment to meet with one of usWe look forward to helping you be successful.

First to Finish Program

First To Finish (F2F) is a brand-new Arts & Sciences-specific program that connects incoming and continuing first generation students with the Undergraduate Student Success Team—a group of program managers and coordinators that will provide workshops, mentoring, student peer mentors, and small group sessions—to help first generation students build a strong foundation for their academic, professional, and social success.  If you are a first-generation student in any department or major within the college, you have access to the programming provided by the F2F program. 

If you'd like to learn more about F2F and upcoming events, please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Student Success Team Office at

Regents' Scholars

The Regents’ Scholars Program is a scholarship-based, academic success program for select first-generation students who attend Texas A&M. Our Regents’ Scholars program is focused on providing a framework of support over a student’s entire academic career: 

Hullaballoo U - First Year Experience Program

  • Hullabaloo U course:  ARSC 101, ECON 285, HIST 285, GEOL 180, PBSI 105 or OCNG 101
  • Peer Mentor support
  • Partners with the TAMU First Year Experience team 

Arts & Sciences Leadership Scholars

This elite learning community, launched with generous underwriting from former students, donors, and faculty, is designed to financially and academically support high-performing Arts & Sciences majors.

  • Peer Mentors focused on acclimating students to college.
  • Individual and small group meetings.

Earth & Environment Living Learning Community

The Earth and Environment Living Learning Community (Earth LLC) welcomes freshman undergraduate students from all majors in the College of Arts and Sciences who wish to excel academically by sharing knowledge and building a strong support network while participating in fun and engaging activities and events.

  • Common living environment
  • Dinner with a Professor—casual interaction with faculty to gain perspective and topic-based knowledge
  • Local hands-on learning opportunities

Undergraduate Student Success Team

Brandy Snyder

  • Program Manager
Brandy Snyder

Becca Rodriguez

  • Program Coordinator II
Becca Rodriguez

Elizabeth Poprik

  • Program Coordinator II
Elizabeth Poprik

Lakeishia King

  • Program Coordinator II
Lakeishia King

Kelsey Winn

  • Program Coordinator II
Kelsey Winn

Leroy Dorsey

  • Associate Dean for Student Success
  • Professor of Communication & Journalism

Administrative Contact

Emily Schultz


Leroy Dorsey

A First-Generation Trailblazer

After nearly dropping out of Texas A&M, student success support helped Leslie Vallecillo ’21 change majors, turn around her college career, graduate with a degree in geographic information science and technology, earn minors in meteorology and geography, and begin a successful career.

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